Anderson Christmas 2018

Hey there! My name is Alex Anderson. I love people and I love focusing on all the good stuff. Pretty Girl is a fun way for me to service others while capitalizing on my optimism. I have a lot of fun sharing things I’ve learned and have spent my time on. This eventually lead to my decision to help others look their best with my makeup artistry.  Being the flirt that I am I’ve toyed with the beauty industry on and off for the last 7 years. My work has involved fashion shows, photoshoots, weddings and other special events.

My personal life is Christ centered and family focused. As a family we like to be open and jump into adventures together. The first one together began during a military training that my future husband and I were both in. We shot guns, drove humvees and now, today, we embrace the dream we shared in the beginning as it has been unfolding in the midsts of us living life together. A life with Love.